Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is an entomopathogenic (it acts as a parasite and can kill or disable the host) fungus. It is known as the mind controlling fungi and in the 1st picture it can be seen growing out the head of a “zombie” ant in the Brazilian forest. It can control the behavioral patterns of the host it has attached onto. It takes control of an ant so it can move to an ideal location for the fungi to grow and spread its spores, after that it kills the ant.

Okay guys, this fungus infects the brain of 4 species of carpenter ants. The fungus begims to control the brains of the ants and they stray away from their colony, which is a HUGE deal. Ants are so dependant upon each other and one just going off and doing its own thing is almost revolutionary. The ant will find either a stalk of sturdy grass or a leaf and it will latch itself onto the foliage and stay there until the fungus takes its course. This will be the last move they make. After a while, the fungus grows the stalks shown above come out of the ant’s corpse’s head to spread itself to other members of the colony or nearby ones. Quick lesson on this zombie fungus :)



Sometimes i forget scallops swim like this its hilarious

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